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You Humans have your legendary places that earned a place in the history books. Death Valley. Suicide Forest. The Bermuda Triangle. We ponies can top that with something worse.

The Sea of Fire.

Locates between my homeland of Equestria and the ancient country of Judecca, the Sea of Fire is a notorious and scorching hot stretch of desert that borders our two great civilizations. It is said that big spots of pure glass can be found in some of the hottest regions of the Sea, and she doesn't take prisoners lightly. You'd be considered blessed by the Gods if you got hit with insanity or heat stroke.

For centuries, there was only one exact way of getting messages and materials between Judecca and the rest of the Equestrian countries: by boat. But the warm air of the Sea of Fire mixed with the cold current that flows down from the Frozen North creates a lot of fog and storms, making the route almost as treacherous as traveling through the Sea of Fire itself.

There have been various attempts to create a way of traveling through this Godforsaken spit of land. The first attempt was a railroad construction in 1829; this failed disastrously as workers from both sides suffered from hear stroke, dehydration, extreme heat, "Desert Insanity," and even death. In total, there were six railroad attempts to span the Sea of Fire; all failed so far, with a total of 6,700 casualties on both sides; 5,430 Equestrian and other, and about 1,270 Judeccan.

But recently, scientists and engineers on both sides have not given up on the idea of a railroad line across ths Sea of Fire. It is true that with the advent of the airplane in the 1910's, and then the Airship about ten to twenty years later made the idea of a railroad across the desert a little more obsolete, but this will be booming for both industries.

These scientists and engineers have come up with a revolutionary concept, a machine called "the Automatic Tracks Builder." Celestia and I were briefed on this by Dr. Elias Eschar about a month ago; that's how recent this idea is. The Automatic Tracks Builder, if approved and funded by both governments, will solve the problem of laying rails across the Sea of Fire.

It only requires a minimal crew: the Operators, the driver and fireman of the locomotive pushing the machine onwards, a brakeman, and lastly, a cook for preparing food for the crew. Originally, this kind of work required loads of teams to lay the rails and ties and ballast by hoof; this used up a lot of water, and the results weren't very good for the track gangs.

But this Automatic Tracks Builder can make and lay the rails while also laying the ballast stones and the water troughs for trains going by. The water required for the project will be greatly reduced with this machine, as well as the number if casualties on both sides of the construction.

Right now it is just a mere concept; blueprints are going through examination by the Grand Parliament of Ponies as we speak. But if the project is green lighted, then construction of the Automatic Tracks Builder can begin, and then it is testing time before we can honestly get serious with this. And once the Desert Line is complete, the Tracks Builder can be used to lay tracks in other places that make laying track by hoof very dangerous and hazardous.

Let's hope the Sea of Fire will be tamed by the Tracks Builder.

-Prince Perseus
This is another pony story, once again featuring the incredible Judecca from :iconthedracojayproduct: 's series "Lunar Isolation: the Eclipse." (If you haven't read it yet, then get off your lazy flank and do so. It's a good story). I'm just fascinated by Draco's idea of a great civilization on the other side of the desert at the southern border of Equestria, so I'm kind running along with it (note: this has nothing to do with the LIE storyline; just a fan-made tale).

This basically focuses on that desert. For as long as the nations have existed, there was that desert in the way of Judecca and the rest, and the only "safe" passage between them was a treacherous sea route that sailed through waters where you were hit with storm upon storm, much like the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa.

The name given to it does fit it's nasty reputation: the Sea of Fire. Humans are generally not prepared for this kind of extreme heat; those cursed Roman Legionnaires learned that the Hard Way, and once they got across, they met opposition from the Equestrian Military, and were forced back into the Human World from whence they came.

The Sea of Fire does not take prisoners lightly.

Judecca -> :iconthedracojayproduct:

MLP -> Laura Faust

Perseus -> Me!
TheDracoJayProduct Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2016  Student Digital Artist

I'm so sorry that I'm so late to finally see this.
The notification got buried somewhere and I only recently got a chance to appreciate this.

The "Sea of Fire" huh? That's a pretty accurate description to what I thought of the desert in between Equestria and Judecca.

Thank you so much for taking the time to write this. I'm really flattered that you were so interested in the LIE universe that you'd be willing to.
FangRoseTheHedgehog Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2016
It was nothing really. When I first saw LIE, I was amazed to see such an incredible journey of a small group of ponies from Canterlot who are trying to save the day when Judecca launches a mass invasion of Equestria (and that it focuses away from the Mane Six as well). It really keeps you on your toes wondering what happens next.

Out of all the characters, I think my favorite is Reginald Whitemane, the so-called "Demon Butler of Canterlot." He seems to really scare the crap out of all the staff at the Castle (especially Kibitz) and even Luna seems to be a little bit scared of him. (On a side note, whatever happened to that little comic where Reginald has to be away from the Castle for a week and manages to find Octavia and be her servant for the time being?)
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