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Ol' Fritz, Ch. 1 :iconfangrosethehedgehog:FangRoseTheHedgehog 0 0
The Curse is Lifted
In the cave, everyone was sifting through the treasure, taking what they could carry. “We should return to the Dauntless.” Nami finally said as everyone got what they wanted.
“Your fiancé will be wanting to know you’re safe.” Luffy said. Nami turned away and walked off with all her new jewelry and treasures.
Perseus, wearing a crown and several necklaces and medallions stepped up to Luffy. “If you were waiting for the opportune moment…” he said. “that was it. Now if you’ll be so kind, I’d be much obliged if you dropped me off at my ship.”
As the group rowed away, Nami told Perseus what happened to the Dark Luna. “I’m sorry, Percy.” she finished.
“They done what’s right by them.” Perseus sighed. “Can’t expect more than that.”
The next morning, Perseus stood in front of the citizens of Port Royal, standing on the trapdoor of the gallows. The han
:iconfangrosethehedgehog:FangRoseTheHedgehog 0 0
The Trojan Horse
Onn order from Serene, the pirates set off to the unwary crew of the British warship sitting outside the mouth of the cave. They passed by their boats and walked down into the water, one-by-one, sinking below the still surface of the waters in the cave. Underneath the surface of the water, walking along into the shadow of the Dauntless’ hull, were the pirates! Silently, they climbed up the anchor cables, and slid down from the rigging as the Dauntless crew remained at their stations.
Silence was all around the longboats as Norrington and his men hid near the mouth of the cave. But then, the silence was broken by a sudden splash of water. Every sailor raised his rifle as a rowboat slowly emerged from the mouth of the cave. Norrington looked at the two figures in the boat and ordered his men to hold their fire. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. Two girls were in the boat!
As it turned out, Mattie had Scratch and Jacoby dress up in a pair of kimonos and had
:iconfangrosethehedgehog:FangRoseTheHedgehog 0 0
The Curse
That evening, in the brig of the Dark Luna, the Sakura Pirates were locked away, crammed into several small cells. Luffy, however, was placed into his own cell, separated from the others. Scratch and Jacoby were swabbing the deck as the crew stood around.
Mutt tapped Justin’s shoulder and pointed to a spot on the deck.
“Mutt ‘ere says you missed a spot.” Justin smiled.
Scratch didn’t like his response, so he tried to whack them with the mop. Luffy leaned on his cell door.
“You knew Monkey D. Makira?” he asked.
Scratch looked up at Luffy. “Ol’ Bootstrap Belle? We knew her. Never sat well with Belle what we did to Sakura D. Perseus, the mutiny and all. She said it wasn’t right with the Code. That’s why she sent off a piece of the treasure to you as it were. She said we deserved to be cursed… and remain cursed.”
“Stupid blighter.” Jacoby hissed.
“Good girl.” Justin said.
Scratch ju
:iconfangrosethehedgehog:FangRoseTheHedgehog 1 0
Stranded Again
A shark’s fin glided past the Dark Luna as Nami was standing at the end of an old plank. Serene and her crew held their weapons on her. “Go on, Poppet, go!” Scratch shouted at her. “Walk the plank!”
Luffy was tied up, but he tried to get free and attack Serene. “Serene, you lying witch!” he hissed. “You swore she’d go free!”
“Don’t dare impugn me honor, boy.” Captain Serene said. “I agreed she’d go free, but it was you who failed to specify when or where.” Serene gave a little kiss on Luffy’s nose as one pirate gagged him and dragged him away from her.
Serene looked at the black kimono Nami was wearing. “Though it does seem a shame to lose something so fine, don’t it, mates?”
“Aye.” the crew agreed.
Captain Serene turned back to Nami. “So I’ll be having that dress back before you go.”
Nami blushed, but she didn’t hesitate. Sh
:iconfangrosethehedgehog:FangRoseTheHedgehog 1 0
Captain Serene by FangRoseTheHedgehog Captain Serene :iconfangrosethehedgehog:FangRoseTheHedgehog 6 0
Perseus vs. Joey
Perseus walked downstairs one morning to see his kids sitting around and watching with delight as Bendy and Boris, two residents of Toon Town and the main stars of The Misadventures of Bendy & Boris gave them a little show. Bendy and Boris, along with their friend Angel Alice, were the creations of cartoonist Joey Drew, the founder of Joey Drew Studios and, as Perseus calls him, "a Satanic Walt Disney".
Joey Drew was an estranged man from the start. While his cartoon characters were popular, he had come to work one day acting very strange. Things grew crazier every day, and accounts made by former workers of Joey Drew Studios only confirmed these rumors. The most prominent rumor, and one of the first ones to be proven true, was of the supposed "ink machine" that was built by Joey in part of a crazy scheme to bring Bendy and Boris to the real world.
Things got worse over time as leaks from the many pipes running throughout the studios began, pipes that supposedly carried ink to the Ink
:iconfangrosethehedgehog:FangRoseTheHedgehog 0 0
Little Devil Darlin' Sketch by FangRoseTheHedgehog Little Devil Darlin' Sketch :iconfangrosethehedgehog:FangRoseTheHedgehog 1 0
Something to Trade
A few weeks later, Mr. Mercer came to Lord Beckett inside his office. “The last of our ships has returned.”
“Is there any news on the Chest?” Beckett asked.
“No. But, one of the ships did happen to pick up a man, adrift at sea. He was carrying these.” Mr. Mercer held up the Letters of Marque and he laid them on Beckett’s desk. Beckett unfolded the leather case.
“I took the liberty of filling in my name.” Norrington said as stepped into the room.
Beckett looked up from the Letters and beckoned to Norrington. “If you intend to reclaim these, then you must have something to trade. D’you have the compass?”
“Better.” Norrington thumped a small leather pouch onto Beckett’s desk, and whatever was inside was thumping too. “The Heart of Davy Jones.”
That evening, on the Pantano River, the Sakura Pirates sailed down to Tia Dalma’s shack. The people along the river each held a lit candle as
:iconfangrosethehedgehog:FangRoseTheHedgehog 0 0
Abandon Ship
The Kraken retreated with a groan of pain; charred pieces of tentacles were left on the deck. The dazed survivors looked over the railing.
“Did we kill it?” Chopper asked wondrously.
“No. We just made it angry.” Justin said. “We’re not out of this yet. Perseus, orders!”
“Abandon ship.” Perseus said. “Into the longboats.”
“Perseus, the Luna.” Twilight said.
Perseus sighed. “She’s only a ship, Twilight.”
“He’s right.” Nami said. “We have to head for land.”
“It’s a lot of open water.” Pintel said.
“It’s a lot of water.” Ragetti replied.
“We’ll have to try it.” Sanji said. “We can get away as it takes down the Dark Luna.”
“Abandon ship.” Justin sighed. “Abandon ship or abandon hope.”
As everyone else loaded into the several remaining longboats found in the hold, Perseus walked
:iconfangrosethehedgehog:FangRoseTheHedgehog 0 0
Load the Rum
Spike watched from one of the mainmast’s ratlines as the Flying Dutchman fell miles behind them. “They’ve given up!” he shouted cheerfully. The whole crew cheered joyfully, and Pintel and Ragetti danced a jig, along with Usopp, Sanji and Chopper.
Luffy walked up to the quarterdeck to Perseus. “My mom, is on that ship. If we can outrun her, we can take her. We should turn and fight!”
“Why fight when you can negotiate?” Perseus smiled. “All one needs is the proper leverage.”
Perseus placed the jar of dirt on the banister and petted it, but then the Dark Luna shuttered and came to a halt. The jar fell off the banister and smashed onto the main deck below.
Perseus frantically jumped over the banister and scurried through the dirt, but the Heart was gone. “Where is it? Where is the thump-thump?”
One sailor looked over the side. “We must’ve hit a reef.”
Luffy realized it immediately. “No. It
:iconfangrosethehedgehog:FangRoseTheHedgehog 0 0
I Got a Jar of Dirt
Luffy regained consciousness on the deck of the Dark Luna. Nami helped him up. “Where’s the Chest?” he asked.
“Norrington took it to draw them off.” Nami said.
Scratch and Jacoby were hoisting the longboat up into the maindeck. “You’re pulling too hard!” Scratch said to his one-eyed friend.
“You’re not pulling hard enough!” Jacoby said back.
“Where’s the Commodore?” Rarity asked.
“He fell behind.” Perseus said.
“My prayers be with him.” Gibbs said. “Best not wallow in our grief. The bright side is: you’re back. And made it off free and clear.”
All of a sudden, the Flying Dutchman surfaced alongside the Dark Luna’s port side. “Lord Almighty.” Justin gasped. “Deliver Us.”
“I’ll handle this, mate.” Perseus said.
Perseus walked over to the railing of the quarterdeck with the jar of dirt in his hands. Davy Jones was sta
:iconfangrosethehedgehog:FangRoseTheHedgehog 0 0
Beating Heart
Scratch and Jacoby were running through the jungle with the Dead Man’s Chest in their hands. Their plan was simple, to sell the Dead Man’s Chest for a heavy profit. But they stopped dead in their tracks when Nami stepped into their path.
Nami reached for her Clima-Tact, but it wasn’t there. She realized that she had forgotten it on the Dark Luna. Scratch and Jacoby were grinning from ear to ear, dropping the Chest and drawing out their swords.
“‘Ello, Poppet.” Scratch smiled.
Nami slowly backed away from the two pirates as they advanced toward her, until they all paused to see the wheel rolling nearby, with the duel on top and Perseus running close behind, trying to take the Key. Scratch just shrugged, and he and Jacoby began to advance again toward Nami, until an ax embedded itself into a coconut palm next to Nami.
They all turned around to see Davy Jones’s ghastly crew crashing through the bushes. The three realized they would need to fight o
:iconfangrosethehedgehog:FangRoseTheHedgehog 0 0
Mature content
Slumber Party Squeaks, Part 2 :iconfangrosethehedgehog:FangRoseTheHedgehog 2 0
Mature content
Slumber Party Squeaks :iconfangrosethehedgehog:FangRoseTheHedgehog 2 3
Fight for the Key
Perseus and Norrington ran up the hill and up to the dilapidated stone church. Norrington followed Perseus up the steps inside the church belfry, until Perseus kicked Norrington back down the steps. Norrington climbed back up and the two clashed blades on the rickety stairs, passing by the skeletal remains of the priest himself, still clad in worn and tattered robes.
But as Norrington snatched the Key from Perseus and swung his sword at his neck, Perseus grabbed the bell rope and slid down. Luffy grabbed onto the other end of the rope and shot up, snatching the Key from Norrington as he glided past him and looked down, smiling at the filthy sailor.
“By your leave, Mr. Norrington.” Luffy laughed, walking out a hole in the roof.
The Flying Dutchman crew had finally reached the big chest, but the Dead Man’s Chest was gone. They heard the bell from the church on top of the hill, and knew that the Sakura Pirates had the Key and the Chest. Meanwhile, as Norrington and Luffy
:iconfangrosethehedgehog:FangRoseTheHedgehog 0 0


Fort concept by Samarskiy Fort concept :iconsamarskiy:Samarskiy 57 0 Super Sonico - Hatsune Miku Vector by PoppyOreos Super Sonico - Hatsune Miku Vector :iconpoppyoreos:PoppyOreos 70 0 Busujima saeko by ArmorKingTV21 Busujima saeko :iconarmorkingtv21:ArmorKingTV21 223 2 Takagi on a floaty by Fu-reiji Takagi on a floaty :iconfu-reiji:Fu-reiji 156 5 Maken Ki Gif Shiria Ootsuka by Donaven951 Maken Ki Gif Shiria Ootsuka :icondonaven951:Donaven951 150 6 Commission Letli by kommankom Commission Letli :iconkommankom:kommankom 358 2 Sonico! by EvilDei Sonico! :iconevildei:EvilDei 660 24 Mario:Ice to see you by NatSilva Mario:Ice to see you :iconnatsilva:NatSilva 734 211 Pixel Art Boa Hancock by Rinkahisa-Oficial Pixel Art Boa Hancock :iconrinkahisa-oficial:Rinkahisa-Oficial 2 0 Mario: High temperature by NatSilva Mario: High temperature :iconnatsilva:NatSilva 702 240 The tan that makes heads turn by TheBourgyman The tan that makes heads turn :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 2,174 840 [OPEN] My Little Pony Celestia Cross Stitch by EvanRank [OPEN] My Little Pony Celestia Cross Stitch :iconevanrank:EvanRank 496 46 [NZM Commish 3rd part] by Stalx [NZM Commish 3rd part] :iconstalx:Stalx 53 15 Pixel Art Ikaros by Rinkahisa-Oficial Pixel Art Ikaros :iconrinkahisa-oficial:Rinkahisa-Oficial 1 0 31 Years of Power-Ups by TheBourgyman 31 Years of Power-Ups :iconthebourgyman:TheBourgyman 7,247 1,485 Manga eyes by Godsartist Manga eyes :icongodsartist:Godsartist 15,980 436



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Mako's curiosity was now starting to get the better of her. She began to suspect that the Sakuras knew more about her late grandpa than they were letting on. So, with her curiosity in mind and a need for answers to get from the Sakura family themselves, Mako set out to Pirate Bay. She had contacted the Pirate Empress, Boa Hancock, via transponder snail, hoping that Hancock could come and pick her up. But to her dismay, Hancock couldn't make it. Fortunately though, Mako had another ride once she made it to the port with Alex and Ember.

Moored at the docks was by far the largest pirate ship in the world, the Moby Dick, the flagship of the legendary pirate Whitebeard. From there it was a couple days' voyage from Germany to Pirate Bay, with a stop at Loguetown to restock the ship's stores and then make the trip up Reverse Mountain and into the Grand Line.

When the Moby Dick was sailing along the Grand Line once again, the Whitebeard Pirates decided to party, just for the hell of it. But while the girls reveled with the crew, Mako wondered if Whitebeard knew anything about the Sakuras' connection with her grandfather. After all, Whitebeard is 74 years old, and maybe Perseus or any of the Sakuras have talked about her grandpa just a little bit.

"So you're ol' Fritz's granddaughter, are ya?" Whitebeard said after Mako asked him. "Truth be told, Perseus and the others had mentioned him a couple of time before. Said he was a friend of theirs." He smiled, and then took a swig from his bottle of whiskey. "But I couldn't tell you what their connection is, aside from that they've been friends since the 1930's."

That wasn't exactly the answer Mako was hoping for, but it was a good start. If the Sakuras have known her grandpa since the 1930's, the likely situation was that they met her grandpa when he was drafted as a messenger pilot... for the German Luftwaffe.

Once they reached Pirate Bay, Mako set out to get more info once the girl got their bags over to Chokotto's house. With the information she got from Whitebeard, she needed to find the one person she could get the answers from that lived in 1930's Germany: Dr. Edward Richtofen. Richtofen wasn't very hard to find at all; he was at Luna's Bar & Grill, drinking with his teammates after a good day of scientific experiments, practicing Bushido, regular exercise, and target practice with old Soviet infantry weapons.

"Dr. Edward Richtofen?" Mako asked as she approached the venerated scientist.

"Ja?" Richtofen swung around in his barstool to find Mako standing before him. "Ah, Miss Heissler. It's so wunderbar to see you again. To what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?"

"Well, um... I came to find out how the Sakuras met my grandpa, Friedrich Heissler." she said.

"Ol' Fritz, eh?" Richtofen rubbed his chin, and smiled. "I may or may not know something about their connection. But I won't reveal what I know, not one bit! And there is nothing you can do to make me--"

THWACK!!! Before Dr. Richtofen could finish, Dempsey grabbed Luna's sawed-off double barrel shotgun and whacked the mad German doctor in the back of the head, knocking Richtofen out and making him fall flat on his face on the floor. Mako looked at Dempsey, who just smiled. "That did it." he said.


Richtofen awoke about a half-hour later, tied to a chair inside of the sound room Vinyl Scratch uses at Pirate Bay to record some music. "What's going on?!" Richtofen shouted. "Where am I?!"

The lights in the next room came on, and Richtofen could get a clear view of who his captors were. It was Mako and Vinyl Scratch, along with Alex, Ember, Chokotto, Dempsey, Nikolai, and Takeo. "You're in my special sound room, Kraut." Vinyl said. "And we're going to milk out whatever information you're keeping from us, one way or another." She began to turn some dials and flips a few switches. In moments, a distinct humming sound could be heard resonating in the recording booth.

"Ha! How do you intend to do that? By putting me to sleep with a lullaby? Schweinehunds!" Richtofen began to laugh, but Vinyl Scratch just smiled and selected a song on her iPod.

"Then eat Base Cannon, Nazi scumbag!"

Immediately, the speakers in the recording room began to play Dub Step, and once the Base cannon was turned on, Richtofen was screaming. Since he was tied up, he couldn't move, so the Base Cannon further slammed him by hurdling him into the wall. After that, Vinyl Scratch turned down the music as everyone laughed. "Had enough?" she asked.

"Yes! Yes, I've had enough!" Richtofen shouted. The others turned off the sound system and dragged Richtofen, chair and all, into the other room. "Okay, I will tell you everything I know." he wheezed. "Because if I have to go through that, one more time, I will personally curb stomp everyone within a ten mile radius!!"

Mako was happy and surprised that everyone was doing this on her behalf. Plus, it's always fun to see Richtofen get his ass handed to him. But before the old German could say anything more, the door opened, revealing Perseus, who was holding an ice pack to his head. "What's going on in here?" he asked.

"Well first off, what happened to you?" Em asked.

"When Vinyl turned on her Base Cannon, one of my rifles fell off the wall and clocked me in the head." Perseus said. He looked over at Mako, who was looking away, feeling that she may be responsible for hurting Perseus. "I say you got a bit of explaining to do, Mako."


Once inside his office and Mako explaining what was going through her head, Perseus smiled and laughed a bit. "So you want to know your grandpa's connection to the Sakuras, huh? Well why didn't you say so?" Perseus smiled, and casually took out his pipe and lit it. "That story took place a long ways from here..."
So I have noticed that, aside from one or two art requests that I have not completed yet (because I've hadn't had the time to do them when I needed to or can't figure out how to draw them), I haven't continued on the Curse of the Dark Luna series.

To clear the art commission I have received, I'm afraid I cannot continue it as of now. For some stupid reason, my desktop computer is only running on Windows XP, and as if its increasing slowness wasn't already annoying, my web browser is no longer supported by DA, so as for drawings, I can't post them via desktop. So sorry for any inconveniences, but I got stuck with an ancient relic for a computer, and I don't know when I can get my new laptop for college. However, for your art, I can at least write the backstory for it on here for now until I either get a viable solution or I get my new high speed laptop.

As for the Curse stories, I know, I've been slipping up on them up until real recently. And I remember reading :iconsoniastrummfan217: 's status post, and I know how you feel, mate. Just hang on, things will always get better. So now I shall continue my stories for Sonia as well as all of you.

And there is one other thing. I was just asked by someone if I will move on with all of the sequels, and the answer is both yes and no. Yes, I have already written up my versions of the Dead Man's Chest and At World's End, but as for On Stranger Tides and Dead Men Tell No Tales, I don't really know how to fit those in (especially since Dead Men is coming out at the end of this month, so I won't be able to find the final script as of yet). But that doesn't mean that Edward Teach and Armando Salazar won't be appearing later on, and the same goes for the Queen Anne's Revenge and the Silent Mary.

Okay, you can all throw your tomatoes at me now.
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